The articles that are sent for publication in ROMAI Educational Journal may be written in Romanian, English or French, by using the Microsoft Word software, font Tahoma, size of the character 12. The first page will contain the title of the article, its author(s), the affiliation of the author(s), the complete address of the author(s) including the e-mail address, the title of the article in English (if the article is written in another language), an abstract in English.

If it is the case, photos or pictures may be inserted in the article.

The bibliography will include all the significant data (authors, title, volume, page, year, editor), in accordance with the regulations of American Mathematical Society.

Any use of a previously published material will be referenced and will be appropriately marked in the paper. In the absence of proper references, the works cannot be considered for publication by the Editorial board.

It is prefferab;e that the length of the papers does not exceed 10 pages plus appendices. The exceptions from this limit must be well fundamented.

Receiving an article will be confirmed electronically (by e-mail) or by regular mail. If the work is accepted to be published, the author(s) will resend (if necessary) the work in electronic format, in accordance with the instructions for authors.

In order to submit an article, the authors may use one of the e-mail addresses of the members of the Editorial board, or may send hard copies at the address: Cristian Voica, Facultatea de Matematică şi Informatică, Universitatea din Bucureşti, Str. Academiei, Nr. 14, 010014, Bucureşti, România.